Pendant and Ring Newsletter: 2021 Hello August!

Are you feeling the back-to-school vibes? I caught myself feeling the fall-break vibes, looking at fall camping pictures and cabin posts on Tumblr yesterday evening. Even though I am well past my school days, even past my kids’ school days – excepting college – I feel the excitement in the air as school approaches. Maybe it is that school is a necessary prerequisite for autumn, and that is the real treat!

This month we have a little bit of review and a glimpse into the late-summer, early-fall plans for the Pendant and Ring blog.

Looking Back

Over the past 30 days, we have seen increasing interest in the coin store on Etsy. We made some new friends through the store and filled a special order. It opened our eyes to the possibility of making those coins into pendant necklaces on request. If you find a coin you like in the coin store and wish it were a coin necklace send us a note, and we will modify the listing for you!

Back on the blog, the following posts received a lot of love during the past month:

Speaking of repairing jewelry – you can watch our top-performing video “How to fix a broken necklace” on YouTube. Please subscribe while you’re there! Once we have 1,000 subscribers we can name the channel – which will make it easier for everyone to find!

As for which coin pendants are hot right now: US Lady Liberty coin pendants continue to be popular, as do the Spanish treasure pendants and the Maltese honeybee coin necklace. We only have one in stock! They capture the sweet warmth of the summer months in a cool silver package.

Looking forward

Over the next month, you can look forward to a new World Coin Tour entry. After seven entries, we found that a new post a month is sustainable. We are happy to hear your suggestions for countries to explore; comment below, or send us a note on the contact us page.

I’ve been mulling over an updated “Top 5 favorite TV shows to Borrow Jewelry From”, but the problem is, I haven’t been watching a lot of television! So, if you have suggestions, leave a comment, or contact us privately.

In the workshop, Charles is busy making new pendants and looking for inspiration in the pages of history. If you have any coin pendant suggestions, drop us a line in the comments or contact us! I’m starting to see a theme here… (:

Truly we would not be here without you! Thank you for joining us today, and every day, on Pendant and Ring.

Get the downlow on the most popular coin pendants and other news from Pendant and Ring. Plus what to look forward to in August!

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