It’s Newsletter Time and We Have Sales!

Hello Fam! Thank you for joining us today for the November Newsletter! We are excited to share some of the past month’s top performers and talk about some changes here on the website and elsewhere on the internet. So let’s get started.

Looking Back

Top 3 posts for the past 30 days include:

A Brief History of Coin Jewelry

A Short History of Coin Jewelry

How To Layer Chains – For Him

How to layer chains, for him.

How to Repair a Sticking Clasp


Our top 3 items for the past 30 days include:

Sacagawea Coin Pendant Necklace

6mm Handmade Hammered Band

Irish Lucky Bunny Rabbit Coin Pendant Necklace

Changes at Pendant and Ring

You may have noticed a lack of letters in your inbox because we are not adding new items to Pendant and Ring at this time. Instead, we are preparing for the holiday rush. You can still shop here, and at the other stores on eBay and Etsy. We added a page with links to

to make things easier for you. We are looking into publishing a greater variety of jewelry news and articles, as well as fashion and wellness pieces, including product and book reviews on the Pendant and Ring blog. These possibilities are in the idea stage right now, but we will keep you informed and see what develops after the New Year.

Looking Forward

November is Native American Heritage Month. Although a month in the national spotlight is a weak apology, it is a start. Here in Oklahoma, the violence suffered by forced migration, genocide, and years of institutional racism limited the growth of the now-local tribes. When we talk about Thanksgiving on Pendant and Ring we are not referring to the fairytale peddled in public schools across the nation. Instead, we are giving thanks for our family, friends, and everyday people (that friendly clerk? yep, them) in our lives.

We honor everyone’s heritage equally on Pendant and Ring, and this month we are intentionally thankful for the gifts that Native Americans, from the Arctic Sea to Cape Horn, have brought to the table. Thank you for the domestication of corn, beans, and all the squash! Thank you for canoeing, baseball, and hammocks! Thank you for leading the way in protesting environmental wrongs (I’m looking at you #nodapl), and teaching the world that people can live in accordance with nature because people are a part of nature. We need more of that influence in the world!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If your family is anything like our family you have more than one place to go and not quite enough time to get everything on the list finished. Remember, they love you anyway. So what if the dish is a little crispy. So what if your house is not immaculate. Your born-into-it family, or your chosen family; they love you and they are glad to see you! Take a big deep breath and let it your stress melt like butter into a dinner roll. Enjoy the sense of togetherness that is worth celebrating, and connect with the people you love most this Thanksgiving.

After the sleepy feeling of carb-overload wears off, it’s Black Friday! Don’t spend all your money in one place. If you wait just a little longer, you can take advantage of our sales!

Join us on Small Business Saturday, November 30th for our 12-hour sale here, and on Etsy! From 12am Midnight to 12pm Noon every completed $50.00 purchase here and on Etsy gets a FREE Buffalo Nickel Coin Pendant Necklace!

Then, join us again on Cyber Monday, December 2nd for our second 12-hour sale at both of our eBay stores! From 12am Midnight to 12pm Noon every completed $50.00 purchase on eBay gets a FREE Buffalo Nickel Coin Pendant Necklace!

🌽🦃😋 Happy Thanksgiving! 😋🦃🌽

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! If you haven’t already, follow us (enter your email in the footer below) so you never miss a post. See you next time on Pendant and Ring!

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